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Performance Report

Access: Select Lodgment > Other Reports > Performance Report.

This report lists this statistical information:

  • number and percentage of returns for each type of form.

  • number and percentage lodged to date.

  • total percentage complete.

How to print the Performance Report
  1. Click Lodgment > Other Reports > Performance.

  2. Complete the Record Selection screen to select the range and click OK.

  3. Complete the Preview/Print screen to select the output options required for this report.

  4. Select the Performance Report options and click OK to prepare the report.

Performance report options

A series of prompts to determine the details of this report.

Office Index: This is relevant only if your tax practice uses office indexes for sorting purposes. Enter the necessary information here or click [Enter] to bypass this field.

Date Start: This displays last year's deadline for lodging returns. Click [Enter] to accept the default or edit it if required. Enter the date in the format of DD-MM-CCYY.

Date Finish: This displays the current date and can be edited if required. Enter the date in the format of DD-MM-CCYY.

Exclude Subsidiaries (Consolidation): All lodgment reports have a checkbox that may be ticked so that the report will EXCLUDE subsidiaries of a consolidated group.

The checkbox will be unticked initially, as the standard is to include subsidiaries of a group.

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