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Return Print Setup for the practice

The Page Setups and printer configurations for documents that are the standard for your practice are selected under Utilities > Practice default options > Return Print Setup.

For Accountants Office, initially you have 3 Page Setups available and applied for use:

  • Standard Landscape applied to Depreciation.

  • Standard Landscape applied to Other wide reports.

  • Capital Gains applied to the Capital Gains printout (this is portrait orientation in Arial font scaled to 90%).

How to manage and assign Page Setups
  1. For the document type in question, click F10 to display the Select Page Setups index.

  2. Scroll to the required Page Setup and click Enter.


  • to establish Page Setups for reuse by an employee, select Maintenance > User preferences > Print Options > Return print setup, then follow the steps above.

  • to select a Page Setup for the return currently being printed only, select Reports > Print Return > Printer setup, then follow the steps above.

Print Setup Tab

This tab lists the selections for hard copy printing.

MYOB PDF Manager

The MYOB PDF Manager creates PDF files for regular printouts. This tab lists the selections for Page Setups to suit this method of printing.

When printing a document using this method, at the Preview/Print screen select the PDF Manager as your printer.

Apply to All

Tick this option to restore all the Page Setups and configurations customised by particular employees to the standard for the practice.


Click Clear or press Alt+L to remove all the Page Setup selections.

This will clear all setups from both the Print Setup and MYOB PDF Manager tabs.

Other Wide Reports

This Page Setup provides for a landscape or scaling to be used when printing any report that may be too wide for a portrait page, such as Activity Statement Lodgment Report and the Client List Report.

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