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User Interface General Features

This is a guide to using the features generally applicable throughout Tax. By providing these general rules, it is hoped to avoid repetitious instructions throughout the Help.

Index lists and data entry screens

Standard features and functions include:

  • Delete – To delete an entry from an index:

    • Right click and click Delete, or

    • [Alt+D], or

    • [Shift+Delete], or

    • [Ctrl+Delete].

    Confirm that you wish to delete the entry.
  • (AE) New – To add a new entry, such as a tax return:

    • Right click and click New, or

    • [Alt+N], or

    • [Shift+Insert], or

    • [Ctrl+Insert]

  • (AE) New – Practice Manager users add tax returns in PM. Open the Tax Returns tab for the client in PM and select Create Return from the Taskbar.

  • (AO) New – Accountants Office users add tax returns in AO. Open the Tax Returns tab for the client in PM and select Create Return from the Taskbar.

  • Select – Where the operation only supports the selection of one item, click Select or [Alt+S] to capture the highlighted entry and close the index.
    Where the operation supports the selection of more than one entry, entries that are selected are TICKed. These entries will be included in the next step in the process. This applies to operations like, Tag for Lodgment that allows you to select multiple forms for lodgment.
    Repeating the selection process on the same entry alternately selects and de-selects that entry.

  • Select all - This selects all the entries displayed in the index. All entries are Ticked. Once all entries are ticked they must be de-selected separately.

Key combinations

These key combinations can produce greater efficiency than that obtained using other navigational features:

  • [Enter]

    • Tax returns and schedule data entry: [Enter] operates in the same way as [Tab] with one additional feature: at any field where supporting data is required or where a schedule is already attached to the field, clicking [Enter] opens the schedule or the index of schedules as applicable .

    • A list of valid selections: [Enter] automatically opens the list of values and you will need to select No or Yes to continue. To avoid opening these unnecessarily use [Tab] in preference to [Enter].

  • [Alt + Underlined Letter]

    • If the letter typed matches the underlined letter on a menu or function button, the menu or function is initiated.

    • This key combination is the same as clicking a function button (or icon) or selecting from a menu.

  • [Underlined Letter]

    • Checkboxes: When selecting checkboxes, clicking the underlined letter checks the option which has the corresponding letter underlined.

    • Menu Selection: When a menu is displayed, typing a character will initiate the function with an underlined character matching the character typed. For example in AE/Series 6 & 8, to start the Retain Schedule Data click [Alt+U], P, R.

  • [Tab]

    • The Tab key cycles through functions, data entry fields and checkboxes. Click [Enter] to initiate the function, or select/de-select the option.

    • Radio Buttons: When selecting radio buttons using Tab transfers control from one radio button to the next.

    • Tax returns and schedule data entry: The Tab key steps through every label in order of its position in the return.

    • Selection lists: The Tab key steps through lists of valid codes or entries for selection (also called dropdown or [F10] lists) without opening them unnecessarily.

  • [Ctrl+Tab]

    • This key combination cycles through the Tabcards currently on screen.

  • [Esc] or Cancel

    • In general [Esc] exits AND abandons any changes that have been made. If there is an active option called OK present then this should be selected to close the function and save current settings.

    • Cancel is used to close an index and return to the point in the processing from which the index was opened and abandons any unsaved data on the screen.

  • [F6] - To ensure that all newly entered data is retained, click [F6] to close the return or schedule.

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