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Automatic Profiling to Document Manager

Not available in Accountants Office

When using the Save with function to profile to Document Manager the Contact pre-fills with the correct client code from the tax return printed and the Title pre-fills using a naming convention relevant to the tax year printed.

To set up automatic profiling
  1. With the tax return open, click Reports > Print Return.

  2. Make your selections and click OK.

  3. At Printer Name, select MYOB PDF Manager from the list of printers.

  4. Click Print to save the printed return to the Source Documents tab.

  5. In the Source Documents Task bar, expand the PDF Tasks and click Save with.
  6. The Contact shows the client code from the tax return and the Title pre-fills using a naming convention based on the tax return year printed.
  7. Make the selections and click Next to move on to the Profiling tab.

  8. On the Profiling tab, make the selections and click Finish.

  9. The tax return is profiled to MYOB Document Manager, and added to the client's Document tab in Practice Manager.

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