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BAS/IAS import

This function imports data from Banklink and other third party applications to Tax.

The BAS/IAS data imported covers:

  • the Business Activity Statements (GA),

  • the Annual Business Activity Statements (GR),

  • the Instalment Activity Statements (GB),

  • the Annual Instalment Activity Statements (GI),

Prior to importing the data, you need to export the data from the source application (Banklink or other 3rd party application) that have output their files in accordance with the Tax Specification.

It is important to take note of the folder where the Banklink or other exported file is located.

The usual destination for data exported from these applications is:


  • \MYOBAO\AOSQL\TAX\Other for data sourced from other applications.

MYOB AE and AE Series 6/8
  • \SOL64\GAGBIMP\BANKLINK for Banklink, and

  • \SOL64\GAGBIMP\Other for data sourced from other applications.

To run the BAS/IAS Import
  1. From the Activity Statement page, select Import from Banklink/GST

    (AE) Alternatively, from the Return index highlight the client’s return and click UtilitiesBAS/IAS Import > Banklink/GST.

    The Select BAS/IAS data file(s) for Import opens listing files from the default directory.

  2. Click Browse if the file you want is not listed. (Browse does not alter the default path.)

  3. Click New Path to specify a directory to be the default for the subsequent import. INSERTIMAGE


  4. On the Select BAS/IAS data file(s) for Import highlight a file and click Select.

    Repeat this step to include additional files in the import. Each file selected is ticked.

  5. Click OK to import the file(s).

  6. Alternatively, click Close to exit without importing a file.

Notes on importing activity statements
  • If no activity statement exists then a new one is created.

  • When importing a BAS or IAS if an activity statement already exists you are prompted to update the existing activity statement or to create a new one.

  • When importing an Annual BAS and IAS if a matching activity statement exists then it is updated.

  • If the activity statement in Tax is lodged, the message Cannot import to a lodged schedule will display and the import ceases.

  • If the period to and period from dates exist, the range in the import file must match those in Tax. If not, the message Incorrect period is displayed and the import ceases.

  • If the ABNs exist, the value in the import file must match that in Tax. If not, the message Incorrect ABN is displayed and the import ceases.

  • If the DIN, Date Due or Date Payable imported do not match the values already in Tax, the message Import complete. DIN or dates due/payable did not match data in Tax and were not imported displays.

(AE) Delete file on successful import: If you do not need to save the import file, select the Delete file on successful import option. To retain the import file, untick this checkbox. It is recommended that you to select this option to avoid importing the same file twice thereby overwriting a previously imported file that you may have edited.

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