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Budget Maintenance

The ATO defines lodgment budgets, as the date by which returns of each tax level must be lodged. This routine is used to set targets for the tax practice so that a lodgment program can be planned and maintained.

To access Budget Maintenance

Click Lodgment > Budget Maintenance and select:

  • Select New and complete the Date and Form types that relaterelate to this new table of budgets. Click OK to add the new table to the Budget Index.

  • Highlight an entry in the Budget index and click [Enter] or Properties to open the table for editing. If this is a new table there will be no budgets recorded, or

  • Delete an existing option. Highlight the entry and click Delete.

When setting the budgets the user nominates:

  • the date by which returns should be lodged

  • the type of returns involved, for example, I, P or T

  • what percentage of returns of a specific level must be lodged, for example, 50% of level 4 returns

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