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CDS Practice Letters

AE Tax only

You may create your own Practice Letters or Layouts which can be used when printing reports, or you may edit existing Master Letters. You may only edit a Master Letter/Layout if it is transferred to Client.

To create a practice letter
  1. Click Maintenance > CDS Practice Letters. A list of your practice letters displays. You may edit any of these layouts to suit your practice's requirements.
  2. To add your own practice letters click New or click [Ctrl+Insert].

  3. In the Letter properties window enter:
    Code: An eight character alphanumeric to identify the practice letter in the index.
    Description: A forty character alphanumeric field; enter a precise description for the practice letter you are adding.

  4. Click [Enter] or OK to save the letter on the Select Letter index.

  5. Highlight the letter and click Edit to enter the content.

  6. To save the practice letter using the same name click [F6] or to save the letter you have just edited under a different name, click Save As and you will be prompted to enter the new code and description.

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