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Client GL account mapping

Series 6 & 8 only

Account code mapping enables you to import data on integrated systems from client accounts into a current year tax return only. This means that where you have MYOB Accounts, you can import ledger data into a current year return.

The procedure for modifying the account code mapping for a specific client is exactly the same as for modifying mast account code mappings. However, modifications made at client level will not affect the master mappings. Reviewing and printing client-specific account code mappings follows the same procedure as at the master level.

The account code mapping set up at the master level in Tax Masters will be used for any client where no account code mapping is created for that client.

To modify the account code mapping for a specific client
  1. With the client's income tax return open, click Utilities > Client GL Account Mapping. Only data relevant to the return type of the selected client is displayed.

  2. To change the master account code mapping for a specific return item, use the Next, Prev, First and Last options. These allow you to navigate through the screen until the required item is in view in the Posted Value list.

  3. Use the arrow keys to move the screen pointer (-->) to the item you wish to change.

    To toggle between the Posted Value items and the menu bar, click [F3].

  4. To view and amend the source account codes which are mapped to the selected item, click Edit.

    Editing allows you to add and remove account codes from the mapping to accommodate your chart of accounts to a client's needs. In the appropriate section of the list, ADD or SUBTRACT, use the arrow keys to move to the account code after which you want to add the new account.

  5. Click Add from the menu bar.

  6. In the new line created, type in the account code.

  7. The account description will appear beside the new code.

  8. Click [F4] to return to the menu bar.

  9. Click [F4] to return to the tax return.

    For the full set of help topics in the Contacts window, select Help > Helppages and open the Contents tab. Open the book TaxConfiguring Tax > Account code mapping.
    The topics include:

    • Modifying account code mapping at master level
    • Account Code Mapping
    • Printing master account code mappings
    • Viewing master account code mappings


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