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Client Letters Maintenance

AE Tax only

Client letters consist solely of estimate headers and footers transferred from Master Letters. From the Client Index, an estimate header and footer can be selected and edited to suit a practice's needs. Header and footer fields can be inserted to extract specific name and address information for the header or footer, for example, "^A124" for the name of the partner.

The content of a client letter cannot be edited in the Tax Calculator. However, the content of a client letter can be edited in the Tax Ledger by inserting letter writing fields in order to extract data from the Calculator Ledger.

To edit Client Letters
  1. Click MaintenanceLetter Writing > Client Letters.

  2. Select a header or footer from the Client Letter index by highlighting the client letter and clicking Details.

    • Code: Enter a code to identify the header. Each client letter must have a unique code. Up to 10 alphanumeric characters can be entered in this field.

    • Description: Enter a description that defines the contents of the client letter. This description should be meaningful and relevant to the user. Up to 40 alphanumeric characters can be entered in this field.

  3. Click OK to continue. The letter writing screen opens.

To delete a Client Letter

To delete a client letter from the Client Letter index, highlight the letter and click Delete.

To print a list of Client Letters
  1. Click File > List. The Output Selection screen opens.
  2. Select the required printing options for this report.
To print a list of Client Letters

From the Client Letters index, you may switch to the Master Letters index by clicking Master Letter. The Master Letters index lists all the master letters provided by Tax Calculator.

To return to Client Letters, click Client Letters option.

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