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Creating an activity statement in the obligations homepage

This feature is available if you've installed version 2018.1 or later.

Once the Activity Statement Lodgment Report has downloaded you can create the activity statement from the Activity Statement Obligations homepage.


To create an activity statement in the activity statement obligations homepage
  1. To open the Activity Statement Obligations homepage. select it from the Tax drop-down.

    For activity statements to display, you must schedule the activity statement lodgment report. See Activity statement obligations homepage (ASO) for more information. 

  2. When you've received the pre-fill data, the Status changes to Pre-fill ready, and Client Name becomes a hyperlink. Click the Client Name link to create an activity statement.

    If an activity statement already exists for this client in Tax, the software will overwrite the pre-fill information in the existing activity statement. User-input data won't be affected.

    A confirmation message asks if you wish to proceed. Click Yes to proceed and overwrite the pre-fill information with the data retrieved from the ATO.

  3. The activity statement is generated in Tax and pre-filled with information retrieved from the ATO. Activity statements are only generated in Tax when the pre-fill information is ready, and when the Client Name link is clicked.
  4. To lodge an activity statement, use the Lodgment Manager homepage – see Lodgment Manager.

If you need to create a new activity statement that isn’t in the activity statement lodgment report, create it manually. See Creating an activity statement for a client not on the obligations homepage.

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