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Dependant Offset Details

Not available in Accountants Office

To add or edit the dependant rebates
  1. Click Maintenance > Parameter Tables. The Parameter Tables index is displayed.

  2. Highlight the required table, and click Details.
  3. Select the relevant category of tax rates for example, Resident or Resident Minors, and click Enter. The relevant tax rates table is displayed.
  4. Click Dependant Rebates to open the Dependant Rebates.
  5. When all the rebate rates for each class of dependant have been entered, click OK to save the information.
Dependency offsets

The Dependant Offsets dialog lists all classifications of dependant rebates.

Notional dependant rebates are used in calculating the base amount for Zone or Overseas forces rebate.

  • the maximum offset for the class of dependant

  • the maximum Adjusted Taxable Income (ATI) which a dependant may derive before the offset cuts out

  • the percentage by which the offset is reduced for the excess above the basic Adjusted Taxable Income

Offset: This is the maximum offset available.

ATI: This is the base Adjusted Taxable Income above which the offset will begin to shade out.

Reduction%: This is the shading out percentage.

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