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Edit Letter

To edit the content of a Tax letter
  1. Click Tax Letters > Edit Letter.

  2. Highlight a letter in the index and click Select.

  3. Click OK to open the letter in Word.

  4. You can change the text and change mergefields available to Tax as required. Refer to Tax Letter Mergefields.

  5. Save the letter to the following directory with a new name so that they will be accessible from the Tax Letters menu:

    • (AE, Series 6 & 8) Sol64\TaxLetters2017

    • (AO) myobao\aosql\tax\TaxLetters2017

To insert a field
  • In Word 2007 and above, select the Mailings tab then click the dropdown arrow on the Insert Merge Field icon.

  • In Word XP and 2003, ensure the Mail Merge toolbar is switched on by clicking ViewToolbars > Mail Merge. Click the Insert merge field icon, select the Insert option of Database Fields, then select the required field and click Insert.

  • When inserting a date field like date of birth, right click on the date field and select Toggle Field Codes. Edit the format of the merged field to remove the time component from the date displayed, e.g.{MERGEFIELD “DOB”\@”DD/MM/YYYY”}.

    For comprehensive information on the use and formatting of mergefields consult the help available within the Word document.

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