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Export Calculations by Batch

Not available in Accountants Office

The Batch Export index lists all the calculations in your Tax Calculator ledger. You may export one or more of the calculations to a DVD or hard drive.

How to export calculations by batch
  1. Click Utilities > Export Calculations by Batch. The Batch Export screen opens.

  2. Highlight the calculations to be exported, highlight each required calculation in turn and click [Select]. A tick will display against calculations that are selected, indicating that they will be exported.
    • To remove the tick from a calculation, highlight the calculation (currently ticked) and click [Select]. The tick is removed, indicating the calculation will not be exported.
  3. If you are exporting to a DVD, make sure that you have a DVD in the relevant drive.

  4. Click [Execute] to open the File Export screen.

  5. File Export screen requires you to enter the full path and file name for the file being created when calculations are exported.

  6. Click [OK] to export the calculations.

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