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Extended Features

Accountants Enterprise only

Extended features available by clicking Manage > Control are intended to assist with managing the system. These include:

  • Item passwords allow you to protect access to a ledger.

  • Folder passwords allow you to protect all your practice's data for applications ledger.

  • Palette maintenance allows you to customise colours and fonts to be used.

  • Groups can be setup for a number of users with a set password.

  • Domains enable an item or folder to be owned by a particular user and to be visible to predefined people.

  • Workstation maintenance enables details to be entered for your workstations. For example, login, operating system, backup device, RAM, notes.

  • System controls allow security access to all available features.

  • Templates are specific to each ledger and can include or exclude menu options.

  • Backup controls provide the ability to edit backup labels.

  • Start-up notices and messages allow pre-defined messages to be displayed to users when they log in.

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