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Filter Contacts

Accountants Enterprise only

The Filter field enables you to process, print reports, letters or labels for specific contacts in your database.

The condition you establish here may involve printing only contacts with a specific sort view or only contacts that have a particular title e.g. 'Doctor'.

For example, if you entered the following condition; D169 EQ 'Doctor', the system would check the field D169 (Title) and if it contained the information 'Doctor', would print a letter/label for that contact.

A more complex condition would be this:

D105 EQ 'P' OR D105 EQ 'M' AND D101 NE 'FRED'.

This Filter determines the process (printing a letter or label for instance) is performed for any employee that is a partner or manager, so long as their contact code is not FRED.

You must be very specific with the input of the condition that is, include spaces etc. correctly.

This a list of valid commands you may use in filters:


Meaning /Example


meaning "and" for example, @VIEW:PARTNER EQ 'CH' AND @VIEW:MANAGER EQ 'AB'


meaning "or" for example, @VIEW:PARTNER EQ 'CH' OR @VIEW:PARTNER EQ 'RD'


argument is equal to a certain value that is, @VIEW:PARTNER EQ 'CH'


argument is not equal to value


argument is greater than value for example, @VIEW:AREA GT '3000'


argument is greater than or equal to value


argument is less than a value


argument is less than or equal to a value


value must be contained in argument for example, 'Bond' IN D191


value must not be contained in argument


argument must be attached (the sort view must be on file)


argument must not be attached (the sort view must not be on file)

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