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Generic Schedule / Worksheet

For amount items in an income tax return, for which there is no specific schedule, a generic schedule is available. The generic schedule/worksheet has dissection and math functions.

Once a generic schedule/worksheet is attached to a field, the field will be greyed out. At the greyed out field press [Enter] to open the schedule or worksheet behind it.

Generic schedules may only be attached to numeric fields on return forms. This excludes fields on inserted lines and fields where a purpose built schedule, such as the rental schedule, is available.


Initially the heading applied to the generic schedule is derived from the description of the item/label in the main return from which the generic schedule is being accessed and the field identifier (for example, E285, E286 and so on). The title or description of each generic schedule may be customised to your requirements.

For example, default generic schedules attached to a Company Return may have the description:

Superannuation business income - virtual PST (Field E285)

Superannuation business income - net cap. gain-super class (Field E286)


There are two data entry sections:

  • The first provides 8 lines for Details and amounts where a simple totalling of is required. When you press [Enter] after completing the amount an additional line is created.

  • The second section provides 2 lines for Qualified Amounts where proportions and multiples need to be entered. Click [Ctrl+Insert] to add extra lines.

Negative values are permitted at all relevant fields in the Generic schedule, for example, to allow Half Share to Partner/Spouse to be recorded. Negative total amounts integrate to the return as zero.


If a negative amount is entered at a return label where it is not permitted, integration will clear the negative value and integrate a zero.

If the worksheet is attached to a whole dollar field on the form, and the total of the worksheet is not a whole dollar, natural rounding is used; that is, any remainder below 0.50 is rounded down, otherwise the amount is rounded up. To force rounding contrary to this, add a line to the worksheet indicating 'Rounding adjustment' with an amount of +0.49 or -0.49 as applicable.

Once a generic worksheet is attached to a field on a form, that field becomes disabled and cannot be edited directly.

AE and AE Series 6 & 8: Generic worksheets may be copied only to returns of the same type. Refer to Copy a Schedule [F5]
Deleting a generic schedule
  1. Select Preparation > Delete Schedules.

  2. Locate the worksheet according the title on the worksheet which will be the default as described above or as you have typed it.

  3. Highlight one or more entries in the list of schedules and select Delete.

  4. When prompted, confirm the deletion as required: Yes; No; or, Yes to All.

Printing the schedule/worksheet

Generic schedules print when a return is printed with Tax worksheets with it without the ATO schedules option ticked.

Generic schedules may also be printed individually using ReportsPrint Schedules. 

Zero amounts do not print. All inserted lines (except for trailing empty lines) print. If the inserted lines are empty these will print as gaps in the text. To delete excess lines, [Ctrl+Delete].

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