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GST Calculation Options

Labels G1 - G3, G10, G11 and G21 - G24 are provided on the Activity Statement. The amounts may be entered directly or if the GST Calculation Worksheet is completed the relevant values will integrate to these fields depending on whether option 1, 2 or 3 is selected.

Where amounts integrate from the GST Calculation worksheet (to Labels 1A, 1B, 5A and 5B), the amounts on the activity statement can be edited to a value calculated by the Tax Agent.

Option 1—Calculate GST and Report Quarterly or Monthly

For taxpayer's using the GST Actuals method select this option.

If you are not reporting taxable sales, GST-free sales, export sales, or purchases enter 0 at Label G1 and leave labels G2, G3, G10 and G11 blank.

Option 2—Calculate GST and Report Annually

If you are not reporting taxable sales, enter 0 at Label G1.

Option 3—Pay GST Instalment Amount

Answer Y to indicate that the taxpayer is using the GST Instalment Method.

  • Label G21: ATO Instalment Amount

    This is the Instalment Estimate as calculated by the ATO.

  • Label G22: Estimated Net GST for the Year

  • Label G23: Varied Amount for the Quarter

    If the instalment estimate is varied the variation is entered here.

  • Label G24: Reason code for Variation

    If the instalment estimate is varied a reason for the variation must be provided. Select the relevant code from the list.

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