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How to Add an Icon to the Toolbar

Accountants Enterprise only

You can customise the toolbar by accessing the Configure Toolbar window. This window allows you add or remove toolbar icons and to rearrange the order of icons on the toolbar.

To add an icon to the toolbar
  1. Double click on a blank area of the Toolbar. The Configure Toolbar window opens with the last item in the Toolbar buttons list highlighted.

  2. From the Command drop down list, select the required toolbar command.

  3. From the Buttons list, select the icon to associate with the command.

  4. Click the Create button. The new entry is displayed with the new icon and command.

  5. Select the Move Up or Move Down button to place the new icon where you want it on the Toolbar.

  6. To close the Configure Toolbar window, click the Close button. The amended Toolbar displays.

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