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How to Create New Ledgers

Accountants Enterprise only

To create a new ledger
  1. Enter into an existing folder or the 'Ledgers' folder.

  2. Click File > New.

  3. Click Item to open the New Item Properties window.

  4. Enter the Client code in the Client field. The Client code locates the item in the folder listing. A maximum of ten (10) characters is permitted.

  5. In the Type field click the ellipsis to choose the application from the Select Template window.

  6. Select the application and press [Enter].

  7. Enter the item name in the Name field, usually an entity or client name.

  8. The Location field, defaults to the path for the current folder. Adjust if necessary to where the data files are to be stored.

  9. When you have completed creating the item, click OK. If you have created the ledger in a folder other than the 'Ledgers' folder, a shortcut will be added in the 'Ledgers' folder.
  10. The selected application opens. If this is a new ledger, the relevant Ledger Setup commences.

The relevant folder listing is updated with the new item properties.

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