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How to Edit User Aliases

Accountants Enterprise only

An alias allows you to use different user codes and security levels to access certain ledgers. Each time the application ledger is accessed the alias is applied. The Alias feature allows a user code or security level to be altered automatically when a particular ledger is accessed. An alias is specific to the nominated ledger, but you can establish the same alias for a number of ledgers.

You are able to establish an alias with the same user code as the user but with a higher security level attached to specific ledger(s). For example, a user may have a base security level of 0*, but an alias with a security level of 6* in a specific ledger. In this instance, when the user accesses the nominated ledger, they have access equivalent to the higher security level. If you establish a different user code for the alias, the user needs to login with that user code before the higher security level is available with the ledger. You also need to create a user with the specified user code.

Aliases are commonly used in conjunction with Menu Level Security (MLS) Setup and only have effect within applications. Although the code and security level while operating within a ledger may be different due to the existence of an alias, the original login code and security remain in effect.

The Alias Table window allows you to establish an alias linked to the current user and ledger. You can set a higher security level for the alias, thus allowing the user greater access to the specified ledger.

To access the Alias Table window
  1. From the Navigation bar, select Administration > User Accounts. The User Accounts window opens.
  2. Highlight the required user then right click and click Properties. The Users Properties window opens.

  3. Click the Alias tab. The Alias details window opens.

This window lists existing aliases and ledgers for the user. The ledger name, alias and security level are displayed and access to the windows used to add and modify aliases is provided.

To edit an Alias
  1. To edit an existing alias, highlight the required Ledger/Alias listing from the Alias Properties screen then right click and click Properties. The Alias Properties window opens.
  2. To change the ledger linked to the alias, select the ellipsis 
    button. The Select Item window opens.
  3. Select the required ledger. The selected ledger name is displayed in the Alias Properties window.
  4. To change the Login or Security Level, type over the values currently in these fields.

  5. To confirm the edited alias details, click OK.

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