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How to Export Ledgers

Accountants Enterprise only

You are able to export ledger data from one installation (source) to a second installation (destination).

  • In the source installation the ledger is flagged as exported, preventing access to the ledger until the data is restored from the destination installation.

  • The destination installation adds an entry for the ledger data into its Ledgers window.

This function is designed for use in a practice where personnel wish to work with ledger data on a portable PC (for example, while visiting clients).

Ensure you have logged in using the same login on both the source and destination installations. The user code is not case sensitive.

To export a ledger
  1. From the folder listing, select the ledger to be exported.

  2. Click File > Export Ledger to open the Item Export window.

  3. Enter the location path for the destination installation and click [Enter]. For example, \\FS4\SYS\SOL64, where:

    • FS4 is the file server name,

    • SYS is the volume name, and

    • SOL64 is the directory that houses your installation.

    Alternatively, a drive letter or mapping can be entered (such as E:) and the system will convert to UNC.

  4. Click the ellipsis to select the folder in the destination installation to which this ledger is being exported.

  5. To start the export, click OK. The selected ledger is exported to the destination and the Status is tracked during the export.

    The ledger cannot be accessed in the source location until it is restored from the exported copy.

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