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How to print a report

To print a report, select the required report from the relevant area of the application and proceed to open the Print window.

The fields on this window are:

  • Name: Displays the currently selected printer. Click the down arrow 

    to list the printers available.

  • Properties: This Properties button accesses settings for Finishing, Effects, Paper, Destination and Basics.

  • Setups: The Setups button opens the Select Page Setup window. You may change the page setup, or change the settings of the current setup. Refer to How to Edit a Page Setup.

  • Where: Select the Print to file checkbox to enable the ellipsis at this field. Click the ellipsis and navigate to the location where you report will be saved; enter a name for your file and select the type from those available (eg. txt, doc, xls, pdf). After entering the details for your file select OK then select Print.

  • All: By default all pages of any report are included in the print. De-select this checkbox to enter the From and To page range.

  • Number of copies: Enter the required number of copies or click the up 

    and down arrows 
    to adjust the number of copies.

  • Preview: Click Preview to view the report on screen. Refer to How to Preview a Report.

    On the Preview window you are able to create a PDF or save the report to Document Manager.

  • Print: Click Print to output the report directly to the printer.

  • Email: For a report that is being printed to file, click Email to launch an email (Microsoft Outlook or Express) with the report attached.

  • List view: List View is portrait layout with narrow margins.

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