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How to restore a ledger

Accountants Enterprise only

The Restore wizard helps you to restore data from any drives visible in Windows Explorer that you have read/write access to.

You can only restore files that aren't in use at that time. If you try to restore files that are in use, you'll get an error message. When you're restoring a ledger, users can't access it.


To restore data files for a ledger
  1. Click File > Restore or click on the Restore icon
     on the Toolbar.
    The Ledger Restore Wizard opens.
  2. Click Next to open the Select backup window.
  3. From the Backup location dropdown choose the device where the backup is stored.
  4. Click Browse to select the location on the device where the backup file exists.
    The files available for backup are listed in the Backups available from this location field.
  5. Select the files to restore and click Next to open the Select destination folder window.

    If you don't want to restore all your files, get help from our MYOB support staff.  You may corrupt your ledger otherwise.

  6. The target folder and directory path fields are pre-filled.
    Alternatively, click the ellipsis button
    to choose the folder to restore the ledger
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Finish to confirm the action and complete the backup process.
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