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Integrity Check (TTS)

Accountants Enterprise only

The integrity check routine scans the Normal and Alternate indices for inconsistencies, as well as checking the Current Step record for falsely set flags.

To run an Integrity check
  1. Select UtilitiesIntegrity check ... .The Disable check for Return not on file prompt opens.

  2. If you select Yes, the System does not check to see if returns for all steps are in the tax ledger for the income year.

    This prevents reporting errors falsely as might occur where a return has steps attached for a prior year Tax Event, but the return has been excluded from rollover to the current year ledger because the practice is no longer required to prepare it.

  3. In the Print dialog choose to either Preview or Print the report.

  4. In the next dialog choose either the Report only or Report and repair.

    Report and repair:

    This option generates a list of issues discovered and the action taken to correct it.

    Report only:

    This option generates a list of issues discovered and the action required to correct it.

    The report generated should be reviewed when generated and the actions recommended made.

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