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Main Return Types

The method of lodgment monitoring that the practice uses for main returns (I, P, T, C, F, MS) is selected on the Control Record > Lodgment Tab. 

MYOB AE: the methods are Simple Lodgment Control, Monitor using Status levels and Monitor using Tax Tracking. The method selected will monitor lodgment of main returns and PLS lodged schedules associated with income tax returns.

MYOB AO: the method is Simple Lodgment Control, consisting of 8 steps to track the progress of a return.

Simple Lodgment Control provides eight steps to monitor the workflow when processing tax returns (I, P, T, C, F and MS) from beginning through to receipt of the Notice of Assessment from the ATO. We'll apply the appropriate State to the tax return as it passes through the workflow. Four of the steps may be manually applied, see Using Simple Lodgment Control.

These Status descriptions show in the Tax Homepages in Practice Manager/MYOB AO.

For AE Tax, these Status descriptions show in the Select Return Index and for SQL users of Tax in the Tax Homepages.


The eight steps are detailed below:

Status Description

Date Applied

Form Summary on the open return

How Applied

Not Started

No date

Not applicable

Until the return is opened or RSD is performed it will show as ‘Not Started’.

In Progress

System date

Not Completed and system date

In Progress is applied automatically when:

  • a Not Started or Rejected return is opened

  • an Output return is Uncompleted.

In Progress can be applied manually to a return. For example, where no PLS Validation report is available and a return requiring correction remains at Transmitted, manually update it to In Progress, fix the return and relodge.

Sent for Signature

System date

Completed and System date

This step is applied manually for the purposes of preparing progress reports.

Ready to Lodge


Output and date

This step is automatically applied to returns that are ready for transmitting to the ATO. That is, the return has passed F3 Validation and been selected for Output from Lodgment > Tag for Lodgment.


System date


This is automatically applied when the return is transmitted to the ATO. If the validation report is received during the same session the transmitted returns will progress to Lodged or Rejected.

See the KB Troubleshooting returns stuck in transmitting or transmitted for transmission errors.


System date


This is applied automatically to returns that fail validation at the ATO when the Validation report is opened and closed.

When a Rejected return is opened it reverts to In Progress.


System date

Lodged and Due date for lodgment

This is applied automatically to returns that pass validation at the ATO when the Validation report is opened and closed.

In Accountants Office, the system date also shows on the Tax - Client Search page in the Date Lodged column.

In Accountants Enterprise and Series 6 & 8, the system date also shows in the Tax - Client Search Date Homepage, in the Lodged column.

Lodged may also be applied manually to a return, see Using Simple Lodgment Control.

Assessment Received

System date

Assessment received

There are two ways to manually apply this state.

Select Preparation > Assessment details and enter details from Notice of Assessment.

Or, select Lodgment > Update and select the form type and update the state and the date.

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