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MLS Code Copy

AE Tax only

These are the year end instructions for copying the MLS codes from the letter layout provided in Master Letters.

To copy the MLS codes from the letter layout
  1. Click MaintenanceLetter writing > Tax Practice letters.

  2. Open the letter titled MLS and highlight the entire contents of the letter.

  3. Click Edit > Copy.

  4. Click [Esc] until you exit from Tax and return to the Ledgers index.

  5. Move to the ledger to which MLS is to be added.

  6. Click Properties,

  7. Click Properties again.

    If you are not offered the Properties option a second time then you do not have sufficient security to perform this change.

  8. Click MLS.

  9. From the MLS Properties screen, Click Edit > Paste. The contents of the MLS letter will be pasted into the MLS properties screen.

  10. Alter the MLS levels to reflect the needs of your practice. For example, to restrict access to the global Correspondence Preferences for your Practice, change the MLS code ConIRMS=0 to ConIRMS=5.

  11. Click OK to save your MLS settings.

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