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Accountants Enterprise with Tax only

Practice Manager users do not have the Name tab but record name and address details in the Create Client/Contact Wizard. These details appear on and can be maintained through the client’s Main tab and Addresses tab in PM.

To access the Name details for a return, click Return Properties > Name Tab.

The details of the name can either be entered on the Name and Address Organiser as displayed or selected from the CDS Names Index.

The name details required will be in accordance with the type of Return being processed.

Names can also be selected during schedule data entry by clicking [F10]. Refer to Names and Addresses Tips.

Name Details for Individual Returns
TitleThe title of Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr etc. Click [F10] for the available titles. Only the abbreviation for the Title will be integrated to the return field.
Given nameThe taxpayer's first or given name.
Other given namesThe taxpayer's second or middle name and any additional middle names.
Surname or Family NameThe taxpayer's last name.
SuffixClick [F10] for the allowable suffixes. Only the abbreviation for the suffix will be integrated to the return field. Entity Name Details for Return types other than Individual

Enter the appropriate name of the entity on the first line. Where the name exceeds 38 characters, the second line should be used.

Add/Edit Names screen details

The type field can be used to create standard name types for your practice (for example, Spouse, trustee, etc.). This field is blank if a new name is being added. You may also select from the index of available types. This field cannot be changed when editing the details of an existing name.

The standard name, 'TXNAME', is automatically truncated to the permitted length of 38 characters allowed by the ATO for most forms.


Enter up to 38 characters as unformatted text on each of 4 lines. Tax uses this information according to the type of Form.

For Individuals line 1 is the given name and line 2 is the surname.
For Entities line 1 is the entity name which may extend to line 2 if necessary.
Tax ignores information entered in the third and fourth lines.

Copy From

To copy an existing name from CDS to the name currently being edited:

  1. Click Copy from or [Alt+P],

  2. Select a name from the Index,

  3. Click [Enter].

The selected name will be displayed in the Details field.

Share From

To use an existing name in more than one area:

  1. Click Share from or [Alt+S]

  2. Select the name to which you wish to add the link, from the Share From index

  3. Click [Enter].

The selected name will be displayed in the Details field.

If the word Shared is displayed to the right of the Type field, the name is relevant for several addresses. To see a list of all the names which share the data from the Select Names index, click Shared data or [Alt+S]. If a shared name is edited, the changes update all areas where this name is shared.

CDS Names Index

At the Name and Address Organiser screen, activate the Select option. The Select Names index from CDS is displayed. When adding a name to a return, the index of names listed belongs only to the client to which the return is attached.

  1. To select a name from this index, highlight the name, then click [Enter].

  2. To add a new name to the index, select the New option.

  3. To edit the details of an existing name, highlight the name then select the Details option.

  4. If the Details or New option is selected, the Add/Edit Names screen is displayed.

  5. To find out where an existing CDS name or address is used in your ledger, select the Use option. A listing of relevant locations is displayed.

  6. Having completed all available fields, click OK to save the details.

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