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Name and Address Organiser

Accountants Enterprise with Tax only

Practice Manager users record clients details using the Create Client/Contact wizard and maintain these details on the tabs for the client in PM.

If the Name and Address Organiser is enabled in your Tax ledger it will be accessed from the Return Properties by opening either the Name Tab or Mail Tab or by clicking [F10] when editing a name or address field in an open return.

The Name and Address Organiser provides the user with three options for entering and storing names and addresses of taxpayers, clients and employees:

  1. Names and addresses for use in Tax exclusively, can be entered and stored in Tax only.

  2. Names and addresses entered in Tax can be transferred to CDS and stored there.

  3. Names and addresses held in CDS can be transferred to Tax, updated and then stored in both Tax and CDS.

Storage locationShows where the Name or Address is currently stored. This field displays either Tax, CDS or default and shows where the current name or address has come from. If default is displayed, this would indicate that the details came from the client.
Copy from CDSIf this is active the name or address is stored in CDS. Tick this option to transfer the information from the CDS to Tax.
Transfer to CDSIf this is displayed, it means that this name or address is stored in Tax. Tick this option to transfer the information from Tax to CDS. This information will then become available for use by other returns in other integrated applications.
Select data option

From the organiser click Select to open the index of Names or Address as recorded in CDS.

From the index highlight the required name or address and click Use to prepare a report of the returns where this data is used in your Tax ledger.

The Select data option is protected (code: SelNaAd will disable this option). Security on editing within CDS whilst in the Select index is provided by CDS security.

Tax Menu Level Security (MLS)

Only a supervisor is able to determine which users may be permitted to update and transfer names and addresses in Tax or CDS, or both. Menu level security is maintained using Tax MLS codes in the Organiser. Transfer to CDS can be disabled using code CDSNaAd and Copy from CDS can be disabled using TaxNaAd. Users who have not been given sufficient rights may only edit names and addresses stored locally in Tax.

Enabling the Name and Address Organiser

The organiser may be enabled for a User or for the Practice.

  • To enable the Organiser for a user, set the Enable Name and Address Organiser option to Y in the Employee's profile.

  • To enable the Organiser as a Practice default, set the Enable Name and Address Organiser option to Y in the Control Record.

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