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Normalise Tables

AE Tax only

This routine is used during the installation of integration between CDS and VPM and is normally performed by your MYOB consultant.

The VPM database will only store unique codes and can therefore only store one of each type of address or number against each contact. CDS however, permits duplicates and these must be removed prior to integration with VPM. This is achieved by the normalise function.

For example:

Prior to integration with VPM, a CDS contact had 3 addresses of type BUSINESS attached. The Normalise routine will remove the duplicates by using the following address types:




Refer to:

  • CDS to VPM mapping index

  • Set VPM Type

You are advised not to change this setting except on the direction of an MYOB consultant. Any errors made in association with VPM integration, will require restoring data to a data back up taken prior to the integration being changed. This may result in loss of data.

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