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Other Income - Category 1, 2 and 4 (oix)


The ATO has decommissioned the Other income - Category 1 worksheet (oiy) and Other income - Category 4 worksheet (oiv) worksheets and has merged it with the newly revised worksheet Other Income - Category 1, 2 and 4 (oix).

Data in the 5 sections of this worksheet is integrated from other worksheets in the return:

oix worksheet sectionsIntegrated from worksheetsMain return label
Category 1 Income

Salary or wages payment summary(egc)

Foreign pensions and annuities (fpa)

Item 24 Label Y
Category 2 Income


Item 24 Label X
Category 4 IncomeDistributions received from Managed Funds (dim)Item 24 Label V
Special professional incomeNAItem 24 - Other Income
Bonuses from life insurance companies and friendly societiesBonus OffsetsItem 22 - Bonuses from Life Insurance Companies and Friendly Societies
Forestry Managed Investment SchemeForestry managed investment scheme worksheet (fms)Item 23 - Forestry managed investment scheme income


Accessing the fem worksheet

To open the oix worksheet:

  • Click any label at Item 24 - Other Income
  • Select Preparation > Schedule > Other Income - Category 1, 2 and 4 (oix).
  • Go to Preparation > Schedule > Income details schedule > Enter Y at Section R - Other Income.

You can use the ATO Pre-fill to download reports and check what the ATO has received from the employer. See What data pre-fills into Tax?

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