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Parameter Tables Properties

Not available in Accountants Office

The Parameter Tables functionality is used for editing tax rates and rebate and offset thresholds and amounts to be used when calculating a Tax Estimate.

These tables must NOT be edited or changed unless instructed to do so by MYOB Support.

To access a Master Parameter Table
  1. Click MaintenanceParameter Tables > Properties.

  2. Click the relevant tax rate which include:

  • Resident Tax Rates

  • Non-Resident Tax Rates

  • Non-resident Pacific Seasonal Tax Rates

  • Resident Minor Tax Rates

  • Non-Resident Minor Tax Rates

  • The General tab lists income bracket and tax rate:

    • Threshold $: This refers to the income bracket. Enter the upper threshold for each required income bracket.

    • Rate%: This is the percentage rate of tax applied on income between the brackets.

  • From the General tab select the Rebate or Offset amount or threshold for a resident or non-resident. Refer to General Tax Rates

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