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Pre-fill an activity statement

After the activity statement lodgment report has downloaded, the system automatically retrieves pre-fill data including DIN, period start, and period due.

After receiving pre-fill data, the status changes from Pre-fill Pending to Pre-fill Ready and the client name changes to a hyperlink. Click the hyperlink to create an activity statement in the current tax year. If a return doesn't exist for the client, we'll prompt you to create one.

See Which fields are pre-filled in an activity statement? for more information.

If you use Tax series 6 or 8

For Series 6 & 8, you must create the return in Client Compliance.

  1. Click the Client Name link for a client that doesn’t have a linked tax return.
  2. In the Create Activity Statement screen select the appropriate Base Return Type.
  3. If you select Mark Income Tax Return as Not Required, it updates the Return Required field on the tax return to Not required.
  4. Click Yes to generate a tax return for the current year.
  5. We'll display a pre-filled tax return which is added to the client with a status of Not started.

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