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Not available in Accountants Office

The default sequencing of calculations in the Calculations index is set using the Preferences tab.

How to edit the Control Record preferences
  1. Click Utilities > Control Record. The Control Record screen is displayed.

  2. Click [Preferences] to open the Control Record Preferences screen.

  3. At Sequence: select the default method for sequencing calculations in the Calculations index. Enter the one digit code for the sequence method required. You may also click [F10] to select from a list of the sequencing options:

    • Return: Description: Type

    • Client: Description: Type

    • Client: Return: Description: Type (the default)

    • Description: Type

    The Calculations index contains a Sequence option. This switches between all the above methods of sequencing calculations.
  4. At View: Select to view either individual, trust or all at the index. Enter the one character code for the option required, or click [F10] to select from the list of the options.

  5. When the required details have been entered, click OK to save the information.

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