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Preparation example: Generate BAS/IAS (AB/AI)

On the Activity Statement homepage (AE) / page (AO), the Generate BAS/IAS task pre-fills the settings to create a BAS form for your Tax clients whose ABN matches those recorded on the ATO report. Alternatively, an IAS will be generated for your Tax clients whose TFN matches those recorded on the ATO report. No Activity Statement will be created for Tax clients where these do not match.

To generate BAS/IAS (AB/AI)
  1. On the Activity Statement homepage (AE) / page (AO), click Generate BAS/IAS (AB/AI).
  2. Highlight the required agent and press Select. On the ATO List of Reports:
    1. the filter is set and confirms you are looking at Activity Statements Lists
    2. the list has the AB and AI reports listed separately
    3. the most recent report in each group is uppermost, and
    4. the agent identity is shown.
  3. Highlight a report to process and press Select.
  4. Click OK. The Print Options dialog opens.

    The second option is selected for you but may be changed. In this example we are using the second option.
    We suggest that you review the Exception report by selecting List returns with no statement lodged for DIN in ATO report. This will detect where your database might differ from the AS clients recorded at the ATO.
  5. Click OK. The message screen provides important information.
  6. Click OK to run the import process. A message appears saying that the update/creation process is finished.
  7. Click OK. The Audit Trail report opens.

For details on how to use Tax homepages (AE) / pages (AO) generally refer to Features in Practice Manager / AO for Tax.

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