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Accountants Enterprise only

This routine facilitates rebuilding of the Tax Tracking transaction file (DZZTT010) and the Master Event/Step file for the relevant year (DS6TP060).

This routine should only be used where recommended by the Integrity Check routine or on advice from MYOB support.

A rebuild transfers all valid data from the source file into a temporary file. The data from the temporary file is then imported into a data file. The result is a new file re-constructed using a fresh schema file.

To run a rebuild
  1. Select Utilities > Rebuild ... This opens an information dialog.
  2. Select Proceed. The Rebuild files dialog is displayed. Both the transaction file (DZZTT010) and the Master Event/Step file (DS6TP060) are selected by default.
  3. De-select any files that are not to be rebuilt.
  4. Only select the Select range checkbox if advised so by MYOB Support.
  5. Select OK to launch the rebuild process or Cancel to quit the process.
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