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SCS Lodgment Report

Access: Select Lodgment > Other Reports > SCS Lodgment Report.

Superannuation Contributions Surcharge (SCS) Lodgment Report may be used to produce a listing, with statistical summary, of SP forms sent and accepted.

The data reported includes:

  • Return code

  • TFN (this may be excluded by setting the Print Options appropriately)

  • SFN

  • Status

  • Status Date (this is the date the status shown was attained)

  • Partner code

  • Manager code

  • Name appearing on the return

This report only indicates SP forms sent and accepted. For Member Statement (Form ES) lodgment details, refer to Validation Log options.

How to prepare the report
  1. Click Lodgment > Other Reports > SCS Lodgment 

  2. Select the report options:

    • Sort by: The sort option determines the sequence of the report. The default is to prepare the report in Return code sequence.

    • (AE) Letter Layout: The default layout is LodgSCS which prepares the listing with the statistical summary. By choosing an appropriate layout combined with the Report Type 'letter' one page per SP form suitable for writing letters to clients will be produced.

      These fields are available for this report if using the letter layout:
      #60 - SFN
      #61 - Status
      #64 - Number of member statements
      #65 - Date due

    • Report Type: The default is listing.
      (AE) Alter the report type to E for Letter and combine this with an appropriate layout to produce one page per SP form.

  3. Click OK to proceed to preview or print the report or both.
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