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Security Level Applied to Returns

Accountants Enterprise and Series 6/8 only

Returns are not accessible if the user's Security Level is less than the security level set for the return. Only a person with equal or higher security can operate on a return that has a Security Level set.

Users with a lower security level than that set for the return will be unable to:

  • Edit the return

  • Delete the return

  • Print the return

  • View the return

  • View the [Shift+F2] summary of the return

  • Validate the return

  • Export the return

  • Run an estimate on the return

  • Output the return for ELS.

Applying a Security level differs from using a LOCKED return. A secured return is unavailable to users whose security level is lower than the Security level set for the return. There is no need for the user to unlock and re-lock a return each time it is accessed.

To set the Security Level for a return
  1. From the open return or from the Return index click Return Properties > General Tab.

  2. Enter a value in the Security Level field.

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