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Selecting a batch of Tax Returns

This window lists all the main returns (I, P, T, C, F) for all income tax years on your system, whether they have been assigned a status or not.

The list of returns available for selection does not include Other Tax Office forms associated with the main returns listed but lodged separately to the main return. These are not listed here nor will they have their lodgment status updated by this process.

Other ATO forms (that is not I, P, T, C, F) are updated by selecting Lodgment > Update > Other ATO forms.

How to select a batch of returns
  1. Highlight a return in the list and click [Enter] or Select to include the return in the batch. A tick displays beside a selected return.

    To de-select a return, arrow to a selected return and click [Enter] or Select. The tick is removed indicating that the return is no longer included in the batch.

  2. Repeat these steps until the batch is fully specified.

  3. Click OK to commence the update.
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