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Share (or Distribute) Option (Tax terminology)

This option only occurs when processing P or T forms, Capital Gains worksheets or the Rent and Rent Deductions schedule.

Amounts in the 'Statement of Distribution' section in a T or P form relating to beneficiaries or partners can be copied by Tax to the beneficiary's or partner's return.

The returns for these beneficiaries or partners must exist in Tax and the relevant TFNs entered in the 'Statement of Distribution' section for this routine to be carried out. The share for those partners and beneficiaries not serviced by the tax agent, will be displayed and printed in the main tax return only.

When in a T or P form, click Distribute or [F8] to execute the distribution.

When in a Rent schedule, click Share to execute the sharing of amounts to other owners of the property on your system.

1. For a 'Rent and Rent Deductions Schedule' attached to a Trust return, clicking Share causes warning messages. Click OK to continue.
 Share of net income to beneficiaries of this Trust should only be distributed through the Trust Statement of Distribution.

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