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Small business entity eligibility tests worksheet (sbe)

Forms affected I, P, T and C

Access to this worksheet is from:

  • Front cover item 3 label F in the company return
  • 15A in the individual return
  • 5V in the Partnership and Trust returns

For the entity to access the Small Business entity pools, two questions must both be answered Yes:

  • Is the taxpayer carrying on a business? and

  • Is the aggregate turnover of the business less than $10 million? (This question is activated when the answer to the first question is Yes).

Tax provides worksheets to assist you to use the SBE pools. Using the individual return as our example:

To use the worksheets
  1. GoTo 15A and press Enter at the question Is the taxpayer a Small Business Entity? to open the Small Business Entity - Eligibility Tests worksheet (sbe).

  2. Answer the first question Yes.

  3. If you know that the aggregated group turnover of the business is less than $10 million answer Yes to the second question, or

    Press Alt+S to open the Aggregated turnover worksheet (sat)

    1. The Aggregated turnover worksheet (sat) indicates the types of income that should and should not be included when calculating Aggregated Turnover and provides a dissection grid at Other for any amounts not defined in the income fields provided.

    2. From the list, select the calculation method you are using to calculate total aggregated turnover.

    3. If the total income amounts entered are less than $10 million, question 2 defaults to Y and access to the small business pools is granted.

    4. Save the Aggregated turnover worksheet (sat). See Small business entity aggregated group turnover worksheet (sat).

  1. Save the Small Business Entity - Eligibility Tests worksheet (sbe).

The eligibility and aggregated turnover worksheets are also offered from:

  • the Depreciation worksheet (d)

  • item 48 in form P

  • item 49 in form T

  • item P10 in Form I

  • item 10 in Form C

It doesn’t matter where you access the eligibility worksheet from, all 3 access points will be updated with Y if both eligibility tests are satisfied, or N where the tests are not met.

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