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Sort View Data

Accountants Enterprise only

Sort view: This refers to the code which you will use to search for specific information. Click [F10] to open a list of options, such as manager, partner, office index, area etc. Select an option by focusing on the preferred option and press [Enter].

Value: Enter the meaning or value of the sort view you wish to add to this contact.

  • This field does not have to be completed. For example if you are sending a tax news letter to only some clients and the sort view code is NEWSTAX then you do not have to input a value. In the Print Letters option you could ask for all clients that have NEWSTAX attached.

  • If you nominated a validating code, for example, partner in the Sort Key field, you will need to enter an employee that has a category code of partner. The message (F10=Select) displays.

  • If you are entering a sort view which is a partner, press [F10] to open the Select Employees window, which will display a list of your employees. Select an employee that has a category code of partner. If you enter an employee that does not have a category code of partner, a warning message will display.

  • Some further prompts will also display if you are integrated with PMA and or Tax and you are entering a sort view which is EITHER manager or partner.

  • If you key in a numeric value, the number will be right-justified.

Desc.: At this thirty character alphanumeric field a description for the value entered will display if relevant.

Once the details have been entered, click OK to save the information. The window is refreshed for further data entry. Click [Esc] to exit the window.

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