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Table Report

Access: Select Lodgment > Other Reports > Table Report.

The Lodgment Table provides a list of the various return types and their corresponding tax levels as selected on the Return Properties, PAYG/Lodge tab. The tax levels are levels designated by the ATO numbering 0-8. The report displays the number of returns included in each tax level.

How to print the Table Report
  1. Click Lodgment > Other Reports > Table.

  2. At the Lodgment Table window select one of the alternatives:

    • All returns, 

    • Returns not lodged and 

    • Returns lodged.

  3. At the Lodgment Table window select to Exclude Subsidiaries (Consolidation):

    Initially this checkbox is unticked, as the standard is to include subsidiaries of a consolidated group.

  4. Click OK to continue.

  5. Complete the Record Selection to select the sort sequence and the range to be printed.

  6. Complete the Preview/Print screen to select the printing options for this report.

  7. The table report prints in the manner you have chosen.

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