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Tax Preparation Audit Trail

This Audit Trail is used to print a report actions taken and changes made to returns or schedules within Tax.

To produce the internal audit trail report
  1. Click ReportsAudit Trail > Tax Preparation.

  2. From the Select Sort Option select a sorting method from:

    • Date range - (beginning and ending dates)

    • Return Changes - (range of return codes)

    • State - (lodgment state)

    • All Entries - means all actions taken in your tax ledger will be listed in chronological order.

The Preview/Print screen allows you to select the printing options for the report. The audit trail contains the following information:

  • The date the change was made.

  • The action taken for example, 'distribute from' or 'schedule edit'.

  • The return code of the return to which the change was made.

  • Other information may be quoted, such as the code for the relevant schedule.

  • The user who made the change and the time it was made.

  • The time the change occurred.

The time taken to prepare the report will depend on the number of returns in the ledger. When preparing a report for preview the Cancel button will change to Close indicating that the report is complete. Do not select page down before the Close button is visible because the pagination will be disrupted at some point in the report.

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