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Accountants Enterprise only

The system maintains descriptions for each of the supported application ledger types. Each application ledger description is stored in a template that is automatically added when the application is installed.

Each template represents a base or master copy of ledger requirements. You then add, or adjust this template to define the specific structure of the selected ledger. To create a new ledger, you must have the required templates as a starting point.

Template maintenance allows you view templates and alter the default page setup or menu level security (MLS) table.

To view templates
  1. Click Manage > Templates. The Template window lists installed application ledger templates on two tabs:

    Database tab

    The Database tab is updated as each application is installed:

    • SR DAL enabled: this will be checked if the application supports SQL.

    • Rebuild enabled: this will be checked if the application runs in CFS.

    General tab

    The General tab provides general information on the template:

    • Type: The application type for the selected template is displayed. For example, CDS represents Central Database.

    • Name: Displays the name given to the template by the system.

    • Platform: When ticked, this checkbox indicates that the selected template is a Cheetah File System application.

    • Application code: Displays the header file used for this template.

    • Version: Refers to the Cheetah file version. This field should not be edited.

    • Files: Displays the external and internal files used by this template. This information can be viewed in the header file using Notepad.

    • Command: An external procedure provided by Support can be entered here.

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