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Transferring Master Letters

AE Tax only

Central Database provides a series of letter templates (called Master Letters) which contain the layout of letters and reports provided with the application. The layouts or structure of these reports are stored as master letters. Master letters cannot be edited or deleted.

You can transfer the required master letter to CDS Practice letters and edit the practice letter (which becomes a Client letter); or you can create your own letters from the CDS Practice letters index. From the Maintenance menu (click [Alt+M]) you will notice three options: CDS Practice Letters, Index Master Letters and Transfer Master Letters.

How to transfer Master Letters to Client
  1. Click Maintenance > Transfer Master letters. The Format Code window opens.

  2. Enter the range of master letters you wish to transfer by typing in their codes:

  3. Enter the code for the beginning of the range and click [Enter].

  4. Enter the code for the end of the range and click [Enter]. To use the default range, from first to last, click [Enter] twice.

  5. Enter a mask or click [Enter] to bypass this field.

  6. A query displays offering the options Yes, No, Cancel and All. Select All to transfer all letters automatically.

    IF a master letter has the same code as one in practice letters, you must confirm the transfer of that letter by selecting Yes. This will overwrite the practice letter with the one being transferred.

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