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Trustee Estimate Type

Not available in Accountants Office

This dialog only pertains to Trust Calculation scenarios.

Where a presently entitled beneficiary of a trust estate is a prescribed person the amount of their share of the net income of the trust estate that falls within the special rules (for trustee estimates) is taxed to the trustee under Sec 98 of the ITAA 1936 at the rates that would have applied had the income been derived directly by the minor. A Trustee can also be taxed under Sec 99 or 99A of the ITAA 1936.

Type: Click [F10] and select the table that contains the applicable tax rates:

  • S98(1) Presently entitled - Under legal disability

  • S98(2) Deemed presently entitled - S95A(2) Not under legal disability

  • S98(3) Non-resident beneficiary at year end. Presently entitled - No disability

  • S98(4) Trustee beneficiary non-resident at year end. Presently entitled - No disability

  • S99 Deceased estate - within 3 years of date death

  • S99 Deceased estate - more than 3 years from date of death

  • S99 Bankruptcy estate

  • S99 Excepted trust income - S102AG(2)(c)

  • S99A Any other estate

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