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Update from Master

Not available in Accountants Office

Update from Master allows you to replace the existing default parameter table with the Master table and would be used if you have mistakenly overtyped a rate or there is an incorrect rate which needs to be manually changed.

Important: The Update from Master function is purely for the purpose of updating Default Tables when rates used to calculate estimates of tax payable are wrong or have been recently changed by legislation. It is not a copy function. Do not use this function for any other purpose than to replace the Default Table with the EQUIVALENT Master Table. For budget purposes, to create a table with your own projected rates and parameters, use the Copy... option.

To perform the Update from Master Function
  1. Click Maintenance > Parameter Tables. The Parameter Tables Index is displayed.

  2. Highlight the table to be updated.
  3. Click [Update from Master...] to open the Select Master Tables Index.
  4. Locate the corresponding table and click [Select].

Tax always operates on the first table listed in both the Default and Master Index. It is most important that, once you have selected the required table in the Default Index and clicked [Enter], you remember to locate the corresponding or equivalent table in the Master Index.

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