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User Preference Tab

Accountants Enterprise only

The Preference tab within User properties enables you to customise settings for a particular user(s).

To access the Preference tab
  1. From the Navigation bar, click Administration > User Accounts. The User Accounts window opens.

  2. Highlight the user and click File > Properties to open the User Properties window.
  3. Click on the Preferences tab. The Preferences tab for the selected user displays.
    The fields available on the Preference tab are:

    The Start field allows you define what view is used when this user logs in. Options available are:

    • Default – on startup the user sees the contents of the Ledgers folder. This is the default setting.

    • Folders – the Folder window opens on startup. Folders allow greater flexibility for categorising ledgers and ledger types.

    • Open Folder – this option allows you to define a folder other than the Ledgers folder, to be accessible on startup. This assists in restricting what folders a user can see.

    • Ledger List – defaults to the Ledger List for this user on startup.

    • User Accounts – defaults to the User Accounts window for this user on startup.

    • Page Setups – defaults to the Page Setups window for this user on startup.

    • Event Log – defaults to the Event Log window for this user on startup.

    SoundIf a sound card is installed in your computer, a welcome sound or message can be played. The default sound is S6INTRO.WAV, however, any sound wave (.WAV) file may be substituted. You can select to mute the welcome sound by selecting the Mute checkbox.
    Page setupThe Page setup field displays the currently selected page setup. A blank field indicates the default page setup is selected.
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