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General Details (for Agents)

If there is more than one Agent in the Practice, then additional Agents should be set up using Maintenance > Agents. That Agent and Contact would then need to be entered in the Staff tab of each return belonging to that Agent.

If no other Agent is set up, then the Default Agent and Contact as entered in the Control Record will be used for all returns prepared by the Practice (refer to Setting up your Control Record Properties).

If that is the case, there is no need to select an Agent or a Contact in the Staff tab of the Return Properties of each client.

To create a new Agent Record from the Agents Index, select New and complete the following details as applicable:

    • Agent Code: This is the code by which the Practice and Tax will recognise the Agent. Enter an easily identifiable code. No two Agents may have the same code.
    • Agent Reference Number: This is the registration number given to an authorised agent by the Tax Practitioners Board formerly known as the Tax Agents Board.
    • ABN: Enter the Agent's Australian Business Number.
    • Division: If applicable, enter a Division number.

Contact numbers and Other Contact Details

Some contact numbers will be defaulted to fields as required by the ATO in forms, and in Accountants Enterprise and Series 6 & 8, all may be used in Letter Writing and Flexi Reporting.

    • Telephone: The Agent's telephone number is not used in the Declaration as the Contact number. If the Agent is also the contact then those details will be entered in the Contact Details section.
    • Facsimile: Enter the agent’s facsimile number. This number will be used in any form that requires a facsimile number.
    • Mobile: Enter the agent's mobile phone number if required.
    • Email: Enter the agent’s email address.
    • Given Names: If the lodging Agent is not an individual, leave this field blank, otherwise enter the first and second given names of the Agent.
    • Surname: Enter the surname of the individual or if the Practice is a Partnership and lodges under the Practice name, then enter the Practice name to be printed in the Declaration.
    • Practice Name: Enter the Practice name. The Practice name is required for the Declaration in the Superannuation Fund and Self-Managed Superannuation Fund returns.

Audit tab

The Audit tab records the SMSF auditor details for the agent named on the General tab. These details will be defaulted to the item 6 SMSF Auditor fields if the Agent has been selected in the Return Properties > Staff > Agent field for the Fund and you answer Y at the 'Use Agent's details' field.

    • SMSF Auditor Number (SAN): This is the 9 digit number provided by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to each auditor who registers with them as an SMSF auditor. From 1 July 2013 an auditor number is mandatory. If you are the registered auditor for any of the Self-managed superannuation funds in your tax ledger, these details will be defaulted to the SMSF Auditor item 6 fields when you answer Y at the 'Use Agent's details' field.
    • Professional Body: Select the code from the available list that which represents the professional body of which you are a member.
    • Membership Number: Your membership number should be entered without spaces.

Security, Connection and Passwords tabs

If the three tabs (Security, Connection and Passwords) are unavailable for data entry for the agent then open the Defaults tab and remove the tick from the checkbox Default From Control Record. When you open the General tab again the 3 tabs will be available for data entry.

For information on completing these tabs see Connection 2019

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