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Adding a transaction that matches an IRD transaction

You can quickly add a transaction to the client’s tax ledger to match and auto reconcile an IRD transaction on the Tax Manager Reconciliation view.

If you want to add a transaction to your client’s tax ledger that doesn’t match an existing IRD transaction, you can add it on the Transactions view. See Adding transactions for a client.

To add a transaction on the Reconciliation view
  1. Open Tax Manager Reconciliation view for the relevant client. See Viewing the reconciliation of transactions for a client.
  2. If you want to enter transactions for a different year, click on the year to open a drop-down list, and select the required year.
  3. Select the Tax Type for the transaction you're adding.

  4. Click on the IRD transaction you want to match.

    When you click on a transaction, it becomes highlighted by a blue background and a triangle appears in the far left blue column. This means that the transaction has been selected for action.

  5. On the TASKS bar, go to Reconciliation > Add selected item. The transaction is added to the client’s tax ledger and auto reconciled with the IRD transaction.
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